7 DIY Photography Tips – Using Inexpensive Household Objects

Look at what you can do with 7 inexpensive simple household items that can create cool, ingenious and creative photographic aids to improve your shooting.

A few weeks ago we published a previous video by COOPH (an international photography group) looking at  7 Simple DIY Hacks that Will Help you Improve Your Photography. Now the same group publishes a second video in this series which covers 7 simple house hold things that can help your photography in a short upbeat video yo don’t want to miss.

Here is the list of items used on this video:

  1. Beer Cosy – a sort of makeshift lens cover/protector.
  2. Black reflective tile and a tablet – creating a mirror like product shoot with cool lighting from the laptop using long exposure.
  3. Glass ball – a different way of getting cool reflections from objects and people.
  4. Aerosol spray and a lighter – creates a blazing fire (be careful with this – its not a toy and you can hurt yourselves!).
  5. Tights and a rubber band – cover your lens and create a “hazy look” to your shots.
  6. Mirror – inexpensive direct light source that can create some really cool effects.
  7. Round tube light – this can be very cheap and be interesting for portraits.

You can also check out many more interesting DIY photography projects here on LensVid.


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