Are Camcorders Dead?

Here is an interesting question for you – when was the last time you used a camcorder? (we aren’t talking about a full blown pro level video camera – but rather those tiny semi pro hand held ones with a sub $2000 price tag). Well, if you are anything like anybody that we know – its been a while – and for a very good reason – there are simply better options these days on the market.

Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake from  the Camera Store in Canada recently did a video looking at precisely this question by comparing two popular cameras – a high end consumer camcorder – Canon’s HF G30, and a similarly priced high end compact camera with a large sensor – Sony’s RX10.

The results are pretty definitive and we tend to agree with Niccolls and Drake that as things looks now – the golden age of the digital camcorder are mostly behind it – what do you think?

You can find more guides and comparisons of photographic gear on our photography gear guides – here on LensVid.


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