Best Rechargeable AA Batteries for Use with Flash and Photography

This comprehensive video review by Pye from slrlounge takes a look at 5 rechargeable batteries and in particular on the real-life recycle time of these batteries.

As Pye mentions early in the video – this is a real life test and not a dedicated professional lab test, but it does bring some interesting information, however keep in mind that this test is only for recycle time – which is just one aspect of a battery – it doesn’t measure the real world capacity of the battery or how long it can hold its charge when not in use.

Here are the results for the top 5 batteries :

  1. ENELOOP XX (2500 mAh) – Total Time to Fire 75 Shots: 692.6 seconds ($18.5 on Amazon).
  2. SONY CYCLE ENERGY (2500 mAh) – Total Time to Fire 75 Shots: 707.4 seconds ($16 on Amazon).
  3. DURACELL STAY CHARGED (2000 mAh) – Total Time to Fire 75 Shots: 708.5 seconds ($12 on Amazon).
  4. POWEREX (2700 mAh) – Total Time to Fire 75 Shots:723 seconds  ($14 on Amazon).
  5. STANDARD ENELOOP (2000 mAh) – Total Time to Fire 75 Shots: 723 seconds  ($14 on Amazon).

You can find the full test results on the slrlounge website.

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Iddo Genuth
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