How to Create a DIY Epoxy Resin Photo Coffee Table

If you are the creative type you are going to love this DIY project. Blogger Emma Chapman from abeautifulmess joined Canon to create a tutorial video showing how to create a coffee table with built in photos held up by Epoxy resin.

We are suckers for a good DIY project, and this one is as good as they get – especially if you love stuff that is both practical and aesthetic. The added bonus of the project is that you have a very unique place to display your photography.

We are not going to go into all the steps of making the table in depth (for this we will send you to Chapman’s very informative blog post) but here is a general summary of what you will need in order to make the photo coffee table:

  • Table with 1/4″ (or less) lip around all the edges (you don’t have to use a big table like the one on the video – even a small square table should do).
  • Photos and objects you want sealed in the table (make sure the objects are not taller than the lip of your table – you don’t have to have objects but its kind of cool).
  • spray adhesive or glue (to hold the images and objects – before you put in the resin),
  • Glaze coat pour-on high gloss epoxy resin (the brand used by Chapman was Famowood – in any case – follow the usage instructions carefully).
  • Disposable paper, plastic cups, or small pitchers.
  • Disposable stir stick (I used part of a leftover dowel rod)
  • Disposable gloves (Chapman also suggest you wear an apron and safety goggles – its messy stuff).
  • Drop cloth to cover your work area, in case of spills or drips (a large plastic sheet is also a good option).
  • Masking or painter’s tape (for the sides of the table).
  • Small, handheld propane torch for removing bubbles from the resin (Chapman used a kitchen torch – be careful with this stuff – its dangerous).

Epoxy Resin Photo Coffee Table – practical and beautiful

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