GaffGun – The Fastest Way to Put Gaffer Tape

Gaffer tape is possibly one of the best friend of most photographers, videographers and sound people. If you have a wire or wires going from one place to another you will like to make sure that people won’t trip on the and fall or disconnect them and break your gear – to solve this a new device called the GaffGun was created.

The GaffGun is a simple unit which allows you to quickly put gaffer tape on anything – especially wires. Developed by Seattle-based company GaffTech – the device was created by folks who simply hated laying gaffer’s tape.

As you can see in the video all you need to do is put the GaffGun on top of a few wires and push the forward (either with your hand or you can use a stick if they are on the floor. What is so ingenious is the cable guide which is interchangeable (fitting different number of cables – see the video below).

Real world demo of the GaffGun


As for pricing – the unit itself cost $200 with a kit with different size cable guides and a long extension handle selling for $250 (see both options here).

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