La Crosse Tech BC-700 Review – The Best AA Battery Charger?

On this video photographer, Curtis Judd takes a look at one of the best battery chargers on the market – the La Crosse Tech BC-700.

Most of us use rechargeable batteries for all types of photography accessories (flashes, sound recorders, transmitters etc.) as well as around our home (for remote controls, clocks and everything in the middle). Having a good quality charger is important. There are many types of rechargers – some are super-fast, others can charge lots of batteries at a time, but the La Crosse Tech BC-700 is a different charger – its a smart charger and can regenerate batteries which lost their power after lots of uses or have not been cared to properly.

Although the La Crosse Tech BC-700 is not a miracle worker, we have been using it ourselves for the past year and it has been great. You can use some of its advanced features (it can Charge, Discharge, Test, and Refresh includes 3 adjustable charging speeds, show you the actual capacity in mAh, supports 100-240 VAC, charges both AA/AAA and much more), but if you just want to make sure your batteries are full without too much fuss – simply let them charge and forget about them.

The La Crosse Tech BC-700 sells for around $37 on Amazon.

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Iddo Genuth
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