Looky Loo Light will Capture the Attention of Children While you Shoot

If you are working a lot with small children like pro photographer Allison Carenza you might be looking at a way of capturing the attention of children during a photo shoot.

There are all sorts of accessories that were created over the years to help children look at the photographer including all sorts of moving toys that you can connect onto your camera and move around with you when you position yourself for the shoot.

Carenza had a different idea and she called it Looky Loo.  Its a digital device which creates lights (using 4 LEDs) in different colors  and sounds which attracts the attention of the child.

The project has been running on Kickstarter for sometime and still have over a week to reach its $50k goal. If you like it, you can get one for around $200 on the Looky Loo kickstarter page.

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