Oben Table Tripods: Review and Uses

On this video, photographer, and videographer Caleb Pike from DSLR Video Shooter takes a look at two inexpensive small tabletop tripods from Oben – the TT-100 and the TT-300.

Both Oben tripods come with a small ball head, they are made of metal and are tiny so you can just throw them in your bag and use them anywhere with almost no extra weight. Caleb also had an interesting idea to use the longer TT-300 as a makeshift shoulder rig for when you didn’t bring or didn’t have a real shoulder rig – and this can work with some of the smaller cameras on the market (Caleb used it with the Canon EOS-M).

Another great use for this type of tripod is using it as a very low lighting stand. As many lighting stands are large, bulky and tall, when you need something compact to light behind your talent from below – these types of tripods can really come in handy.

You can get the Oben  TT-100 at B&H for under $35.

You can get the larger Oben  TT-300 at B&H for under $63.

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Iddo Genuth
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