Pentax 645Z Hands-On Review

Earlier this Pentax introduced the 645Z – the first medium format with video capability using the new Sony 51MP CMOS sensor (which is also used in the new Phase one and Hasselblad cameras). On this video Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake from from the Camera Store in Canada took the new 645Z for a spin and came back with some insights.

The 645Z is a very interesting camera. For the first time the new Sony sensor brings into the medium format realm not just video capabilities but also high ISO – something that was missing with the previous gen CCD sensors. From the test it seems that ISO on the 645Z is indeed better than what you can get from the best full frame cameras currently on the market and with the 51MP resolution the results are impressive.

For the video review Niccolls and Drake teamed up with TCSTV crew to shoot a commercial video and see how the 645Z actually performs as a dedicated professional video camera.  Looking on the resulting video it seems that Pentax still has some work to do before the camera can actually compete with the industry standard.

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Iddo Genuth
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