Raglite – The Ultimate Flexible Light

If you always wanted a lighting system that you can carry with you anywhere, fold and put in your backpack, work even in the rain and can be set up in a few seconds? a new Kickstaarter project called Raglite might be the answer.

The Raglite -a flexible lightweight LED


Raglite is the brainchild of two developers – Chad Soderholm and Sin Cohen from Chicago. Both of them work in the production business and wanted a flexible, mobile, lighting system which the can carry anywhere with little to no install time for video production.

The result is a really cool product called Raglite which is basically a fabric with LED lights built into it which comes in several sizes (from a very small one to a very large – 14″ x 24″ with option to custom manufacture even larger versions).

Raglite – lighting anywhere

Raglite-1Here is a list of some of the main features of the Raglite:

  • Flexible Design (can be folded like a fabric).
  • Balanced light that is flicker free and dimmable.
  • Accurate 3200K or 5600K temperature.
  • Waterproof (although not all models are – so be careful).
  • Lightweight and Portable – you will need a power source – typically a battery supplied with the Raglite).
  • Non-Heat Emitting (using LEDs).
  • Long-Lasting (LEDs typically last for years).
  • Power Efficient (gives between 1-3 hours of full power on the larger versions).
  • Several Mounting options (attach D-Rings, Magnets and daisy-chain).

The Raglite can be used not just for Photography but for many other applications – there is a version for growing plants (yes, we know what plants you are thinking of), there is a small version you can use as emergency lighting which you can make into a 360 degree lighting which will never break and is waterproof, you can even use it for decoration or use it in places where conventional lighting simply can’t be used.

Raglite – also for growing plants

Raglite-2A demo of the waterproof version of the Raglite 


Prices for the Raglite starts at around $75 for the small version while the bigger, more professional ones can go up to $2400. You can get your own version on Kickstarter project page and find more info on the Raglite on the company website.

Two more images of the Raglite 

raglites2 raglites

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