ScatterGels – Using Patterned Lighting

In this quick video, pro photographer Damien Lovegrove takes a look at an interesting lighting accessory known as   ScatterGels. The ScatterGels made by Lovegrove himself are large, custom screen-printed gels designed to create unique lighting effects in the studio or on location. They are specifically for use with continuous lights so you can easily see and manipulate the effect prior to shooting.

These gels simply clip onto the barn doors of a continuous light, like Lupolux, for an instant dappled lighting effect. By scattering the light into dappled pools of texture you immediately can add depth, drama and life to an otherwise flat looking illumination. Depending on the type of light source you have, will make a difference to the hardness or softness of the pattern created.

Do keep in mind that these gels are only suitable for cool running continuous spotlights, like Lupolux LED or HMI lights. you can find more about them on the Lovegrove website (as well as watch a few more of Damien’s demos).