Tascam DR-60D Audio Recorder Review

In this video photographer, Curtis Judd takes a look at one of the most interesting low-cost audio recorders on the market today – the Tascam DR-60D.

The Tascam DR-60D has a very very long list of features and although it doesn’t come with any microphones built-in (like another recorder such as the popular Zoom H4N) if you have your own microphones (the unit can record up to 4 tracks with 2 XLR inputs and a 3.5mm input) you will find the unit very versatile and very adapted for video and HDSLR shooters with an option to connect the unit back to a camera if you do not want to sync the sound in post.

Photographer and videographer Caleb Pike from DSLR Video Shooter also had a chance to review the Tascam DR-60D and he also demonstrates some of the more interesting features of the unit which you can see below:


We had a chance to play around with the DR-60D for about a week last year in NY and we found it to be a very capable unit and for the price surely one (if not THE) best options around for recording sound

As for the battery life – from our experience (which was quite short as we mentioned) we didn’t run into too many issues with batteries but apparently, you can also run the unit using a USB cable and as you can see in the short video below – you can make it work on an external USB power pack for a long time so this shouldn’t really be a huge factor in your decision about buying the  Tascam DR-60D.

Apart from its long list of features and good sound quality, the Tascam DR-60D biggest selling point is its low price – you can currently find it on Amazon for $192 which is extremely low for what you get.

DSLR FILM NOOB  on running the Tascam DR-60D run from a USB power pack


You can find more tips on recording sound for video work on our special HDSLR channel on lensvid.com.

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