Using a Field Monitor for Shooting HDSLR

On this video by Richard Harrington from Adorama we explores the benefits of using a field monitor to clearly see what your camera is shooting when working on HDSLR.

A field monitor is an external monitor you can attach to your camera as part of your rig to better see what you are shooting in bright sunlight as well as be able to focus more clearly using the larger screen and some of the built in options of the monitor (on this particular video Harrington uses a Flashpoint 7″ LED Field Monitor which sells for about $630 on Amazon).

If buying a new field monitor is too expensive for you, you can always check out our guide one How to Use a Nexus 7 Tablet to Monitor and Controller for Your DSLR.

Finally You can find many more videos covering HDSLR techniques on our dedicated HDSLR tutorial section here on LensVid.

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