Behind the Scenes: Kate Upton’s Zero G Photoshoot for Sports Illustrated

Ever wondered how a photoshoot will look like in zero gravity? well, Sports Illustrated decided to check that with no other than model Kate Upton who agreed to pose for a very unusual photoshoot on-board a “vomit comet”.

The vomit comet (if you are not familiar) is what is known as a reduced gravity aircraft. Its been used by NASA to train astronauts for decades and in recent years several countries and even commercial companies operate similar services which allow people to experience zero G (similar to what you experience in space) for less than 30 seconds each time the plane goes up and down again (this is repeated several times). The name vomit comet came since this movement may cause some people to feel nauseous during these abrupt changes.

Although the resulting images might not be too glamorous, the behind the scences video actually looks likes lots of fun and looking at the photographers (yes, we were able to take our eyes off Upton for a few seconds) pretty much explains why the shoot was so difficult, with all the harsh, surprising and sudden movements of the plain.

As always, you can find many more behind the scenes videos on the BTS section here on LensVid.

VIA: fstoppers.

Iddo Genuth
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