Interview with Photographer Sandro Miller

On this very extensive very interesting interview, pro photographer Rob Grimm and his colleague Gary Martin ( from RGG EDU) sits down to talk with long time photographer Sandro Miller in his studio about his life and career as one of the most successful commercial photographers in the U.S. of the last 30 years.

Miller has been shooting commercial photography for decades working with some of the biggest clients in the industry including Samsung, Coca Cola, Motorola, Mcdonald’s, Nike and others. Miller has also worked closely with Nikon and in recent years became a Nikon ambassador.

In the interview he talks about how he started his career, working a an assistant for many years (something that not a lot of young photographers are willing to do, rushing into their own careers early on).He also talks about his personal work as something that keeps him in focus and on the edge. Especially important to him is his recent project with his long term friend John Malkovich recreating dozens of iconic images.

BBC did a short video with Miller talking about his Malkovich project



Although Grimm is not the subject of the video, he is a recurring photographer here on LensVid and in the past year we had published several videos where he talks and shows his work including: “Shooting the Perfect Beer“,  “Making the Ultimate Beverage Shot”, “Rob Grimm Interview: Product, Food, & Beverage Photography“ and most recently “8 Great Ways to Use a Master Clamp for Photography“.

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