Depth of Field Basics

In this tutorial Kelly Mena (from B&H) takes a look at one of the most basic things any aspiring photographer needs to understand -how to manipulate depth of field.


Having a sharp object and a blurred background is one of the things which typically sets apart shooting with smartphones and shooting with a large sensor camera. However as you will see in this video (and as we discussed in a previous video) its actually not the size of the sensor which effects the depth of filed in your image (not directly at least) but 3 other factors: Aperture, distance from the subject and (somewhat indirectly as well) focal length.

This is actually not the first time we cover the topic of depth of field (DOF) here on LensVid. Jay P. Morgan’s video “Depth of Field as a Creative Tool” can give you some more advanced ideas on using DOF in your photography.

You can find many more great tips on our photography tips section – here on LensVid.

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