Shooting Lasers into a Campfire Produces a “Portal” Effect

The following video is as amazing as it is dangerous. Several guys decided to use high power lasers in a camp fire and shoot the resulting light show. Using the Kryptonand & Spyder Arctic III – green and blue lasers (from wickedlasers) + lenses and the smoke coming from the fire they created what some people can mistake for a space portal.

However for all its beauty, this kind of “project” is extremely dangerous and all the people involved (including the children in the video) could have easily loose their eyesight. The reason is that both lasers are designated as Class 4 and are strong enough to burn holes, pop balloons, and start fires from across the room. This type of lasers should never be used without protective glasses and surly not around children in an open environment.

As a photography site its also worth noting that such a powerful laser could have just as easily damage the camera sensor beyond repair. We have just posted a story where two RED Epic $20k cameras got there sensors destroyed by a weaker laser from a grater distance on a show – so be smart and be careful.

The Arctic S3 laser used in this video – strong enough to burn holes


Via reddit.