$10 Selfie Stick v.s. $120 MicroJib

Videographer Griffin Hammond (executive producer of Indy Mogul) decided to take a look at two products that can help you achieve those difficult to shots and answer the question – do you really need to spend a $100+ for such a task.

A full size jib can be an amazing tool with great production value, however it is typically big, cumbersome and pretty expensive. What if you could create at least some of the shots that require a jib with a much simpler (and cheaper) tool?

To test this Hammond decided to take a look at the microjib which typically sells for over $100 v.s. a plain inexpensive Chinese selfie stick which cost 10’th it price.

We are not going to spoil you the watch but it seems that Hammond has a clear winner in this case.

More comparisons as well as guides of photographic gear can be found on our photography gear guides sub-section. If you like this short video you can check out more of Hammond’s videos, you can check them out here on LensVid.

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