3RDiTEK – Head Worn Camera

Quebec-based startup 3RDiTEK is looking to bring a simple, easy to use and lightweight head warn HD camera that you can use to shoot anything hands free.

The project called 3’rd eye is currently running on Indigogo with a fairly ambitious goal of $250,000. The  3’rd eye is a pretty small head worn camera which can capture either stills or video images. It is operated by touch (TAP once on the left hand side for a still capture with a flash or TAP on the right hand side for a  still capture without a flash – for video you need to slide on either side).

There are very few technical details available on the Indigogo project page (lacking are sensor resolution, sensor size, aperture, battery life etc.) which seems to be a shame as the main (and basically only) function of this device if for capturing photos and videos.

In many respects this projects reminds us of a very simplistic Google Glass (just the camera with nothing else). Can it succeed – maybe. It does have advantages in terms of being able to operate with no hands (and with a much smaller unit than a GoPro on your head, however there are camera-glasses already on the market and they tend to look a bit less goofy so you really need to see how this unit perform in comparison to make any real judgement.

You can get a 3RDiTEK on Indigogo for just under $200 (plus shipping) but even if the project will be successful you will have to wait until the second half of 2016 to get a unit.

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Iddo Genuth
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