A Look at the ARRI SkyPanel LED

We continue our ongoing coverage of NAB 2015 and today we look at the ARRI SkyPanel LED – one of the most interesting advanced LEDs showcased during the show.

The ARRI SkyPanel LED is an ultra light soft light that will come in two sizes – the S-60 series (which you can see in the video above) and the smaller S-30 series. The CRI for the light is higher than 95 which is impressive, no less impressive is the ability for the two color tuneable models to move between 2800-10000 kelvin (the non color tuneable models  have 10% more light output instead).

There are also changable panels and many other goodies including  CCT control to set the mood of a scene or selecting the perfect green color to wash a greenscreen. According to ARRI, SkyPanel has tremendous light output across the entire CCT range. Brighter than a 2 kW tungsten soft light or a 6 kW tungsten space light while drawing only 400w) so it can be powered by a battery.

The larger S60-C will cost $6300 there is also an S60-RP (phosphor version) which will retail for and $4500. The S30 versions is half the size (here you will also have C and RP versions) pricing is going to be $4500 and $3125 respectively. The units are going to be available in September 2015 – you can find out more on ARRI’s website.

Official video by ARRI showing some of the features of the SkyPanel LED


Another look at the ARRI SkyPanel LED from the guys at No Film School


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