A Look at the MOZA Air 2 Gimbal

On this video,  photographer Lee Morris (co-founder of fstoppers.com) takes a look at the new MOZA Air 2 gimbal – one of the most advanced motorized stabilizers on the market today for under $1000.

Morris feels that the MOZA Air 2 brings to the table almost any consumer technology currently on the market for gimbals including all the following:

  • 9.25 lb/4.2kg capacity.
  • 8 follow modes.
  • iFOCUS lens control (advanced optional follow focus system that can be controlled from the gimbal or externally using a remote).
  • Unobstructed view of camera’s monitor (top gimbal motor is low).
  • 12 Buttons for gimbal and camera control (depending on the specific camera).
  • Customizable Joystick and an OLED display.
  • 16-Hour runtime off 4 included batteries (battery opens forward).
  • Gimbal/Accessories In/Out Power Ports
  • Advanced time-lapse functions.
  • Smart auto-tuning for better faster calibration (and “smart” quick release which remembers its location).
As for pricing, the basic price of the MOZA Air 2 is around $600 which can get closer to $1000 depending on the specific kit you are looking at.
This is not the first time Morris tested advanced stabilizers – in the past, we published a comparative review of 6 different gimbals that fstoppers reviewed.
It is worth mentioning here the Zhiyun-Tech Weebill and especially the larger Crane 3 Lab from  Zhiyun-Tech which is possibly one of the closest competitors to the MOZA Air 2 (with most of the features we mentioned for the MOZA Air 2 can be found on the Crane 3 Lab as well).

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