Announced – Sony RX10 III and Two Lenses

Earlier today Sony introduced a new member of the RX family of compact cameras – the RX10 III – a super-zoom compact camera with a large (1″) sensor which includes a completely redesigned and much longer lens along with two new lenses for its full frame mirrorless cameras.

B&H look at the RX10 III

The RX10 III is almost identical to the existing RX10 II but has a new and much longer lens – instead of a 24-200mm f/2.8 we now have a 24-600mm f/2.8-f/4 (all equivalent in 35mm – the actual max focal length is now 210mm). The new lens also introduce an aperture ring which did not exist in the RX10 II (with option for a non-clickable mode for video). Other than that the new camera is more or less identical to the RX10 II with the same 20MP 1″ sensor, 4K capabilities and slow motion features that you can see in some of the demo videos below.

The RX10 III – longer lens and more or less the same everything else


Slow motion videos with the Sony RX10 III

As for pricing the new version which should be available around May 2016 will cost you around $1500 – a couple of hundred more than the RX10 II.

Sony also announced two new lenses:

FE 70-300mm lens:

  • Focal length: 70-300mm full-frame coverage.
  • Aperture: f/4.5-5.6.
  • Stabilization – built in OSS.
  • 4 aspherical elements and 2 ED elements.
  • Nano AR coating.
  • 0.9m minimum focus distance
  • 0.31x maximum magnification
  • Price – $1200.


FE 50mm f/1.8 lens:

  • Focal length – 50mm.
  • Aperture – f/1.8 aperture
  • Circular aperture with a single aspherical element
  • Wight – 192g.
  • Price – $250.


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