Apple’s New Mac Pro Announced – Sneak Preview

Earlier tonight Apple announced several new products including a new OS X version called Mavericks, Mackbook Air and the long awaited new version of the powerful Apple professional workstation – the Mac Pro.

In this Engadget quick video you can watch the new Mac Pro (which isn’t available yet – that’s why the protective glass). The new ultra powerful workstation should appeal to avid graphic designers and video editors and it will come in a reflective black cylindrical case which seems to be extremely tiny (compared to the current gen Mac Pro – according to Apple about 1/8 the volume).

Both the CPU, memory, and graphic unit are built around a “thermal core”. The Mac Pro will feature up to 12-core Xeon CPUs, 1866MHz DDR-3 RAM, PCIe-based flash drive (rated at an amazing 1.25Gbps read and 1Gbps write), 2 ATI FirePro GPUs (capable of driving a 4K display), no less then 6 Thunderbolt 2 connections, HDMI and a built in power block.