AXSY T – Advanced Motion Control for Timelapse Shooting

If you were looking for the ultimate control over your timelapse shooting, a new kickstarter project (which is about to end successfully very soon) might have the answer, and it is called AXSY T.

A British team lead by Paul Church and Can Amirak worked on developing a new comprehensive solution for timelapse photographers who are looking for more advanced control over their shooting. They developed a 4 piece system comprising of a controller (called Centric) a smart motor unit (Spin), a slider and a smartphone app to help control complex motions.

The AXSY T boast 3-axis movement capability which allows for both linear and rotational motion, it is controlled wirelessly using the free app which allows for shooting timelapses and videos as well as help those who love astro-photography achieve more complicated shoots.

The AXSY T system


Although the system isn’t exactly cheap (around $1400 for a full set) it does offer quite a comprehensive set of features that you might find in a much more expensive systems.

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