CamRanger Adds a Wireless Motion Control Camera Option

The  wireless accessory for cameras CamRanger recently added an interesting capability – wireless control of  the PT Hub and MP-360. These two units allows users to move the camera and are made of a robotic camera tripod head (CamRanger PT Hub).

The robotic tripod head support up to 6 pounds, and powered by 4 AA batteries or AC power, has unlimited panning, tilts 15 degrees up and 15 degrees down, has diagonal motion, speed control, and best of all – controlled through the CamRanger app. This gives the photographer the ability to do moving time lapses, bulb ramping, panoramas, motion during movie recording, and much more.

The PT Hub and MP-360 robotic head by CamRanger



The PT Hub and MP-360 units cost just under $200 and the CamRanger itself cost just under $300 and allows you advanced control of your camera from a distance using an app form your smart device.