CandyCam SkyHook – the Next Big Thing in Filmmaking

CandyCam Multimedia Robotics is a startup company which uses a robotically stabilized platform to build the next big thing in filmmaking. Suspended on four wires the SkyHook Cinema takes filmmakers to new levels of freedom and simplicity. According to CandyCam, the unit will combine the functionality of cranes, dollies, tracks, and sliders, frees videographers to focus on getting the perfect shot. With its overhead suspension and programmable flight paths, the SkyHook platform makes choreographed scenes and hard-to-capture shots easier to execute than ever before.

Some info on the SkyHook

Target price: under $20k.
Operation area: 60’x60’x40′.
Cables: 8-cables, 4 anchor points.
Setup: 5-15 minutes with existing rigging.
Camera support: GoPro, DSLR, RED.
Max weight: 30 lbs (with camera).
Control: remote wireless controller.
Battery life: approx. 60 min.

Video shot with a prototype of the SkyHook