Double The Link – the Kinetic Gimbal Controller

ACR Systems recently introduced the a new unit with the strange name of: “Double The Link”.  This two part set of receiver and transmitter modules is a complete wireless remote follow mode solution that can connect to almost any gimbal and follow your movements with the controller to be matched by the movements of the camera on the gimbal.

Controlling a gimbal while holding it can be tricky – with a two man crew – one holding and physically moving with the gimbal and one controlling the camera wirelessly, you can achieve much more complex and accurate moves.

The controlling unit of Double The Link with a screen


Double The Link was designed to be pretty much universal in terms of which type of gimbal it can work with and this includes basically any gimbal that can receive a PWM or SBUS signal – which includes the following units at the moment:

  • ACR The Plus (previously BeSteady ONE Plus)
  • BeSteady ONE
  • ACR The Beast (previously BeSteady FOUR)
  • FreeFly MoVI M5
  • FreeFly MoVI M10 (both versions)
  • FreeFly MoVI M15
  • DJI Ronin
  • DJI Ronin M
  • BaseCam SBGC based gimbal with 8-bit or 32-bit CPU, with or without encoders, that has got S.BUS or PWM sockets

Double The Link has some interesting features and technology built into it including:

  • 3-axial gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer (wireless transmission is compliant with EU and USA regulations, and works on 2.4 GHz frequency).
  • Range – the unit has an officail range of 600m/2000 feet.
  • Can be powered using USB.
  • The casing and external parts are made of durable plastic material.
  • Electronics, external parts, firmware and software are all made in the EU.

You can find more information on the unit on ACR Systems website. As for pricing, Double The Link will sell for 675 Euros (probably around the same in USD).

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