Edelkrone New Products: StandPLUS, RigOne, Povie, JibPLUS and FocusONE

Turkish manufacturer Edelkrone announced today several new and innovative products for videographers including the stand-plus, focus-one, rig-one, povie and the jib-plus.

On the video above you can see the first demo of the very interesting stand-plus – not much is known about it at this point (including specs or price – which goes rue for all the new products – we are guessing that closer to NAB we shall have more details) but from the video we can see that this unit has small wheels, it folds to quite a compact size and can be mainly used for when you need very quick control of the hight of the camera (we are not sure about tilting sideways with this thing). Also interesting to check will be how stable this thing is and how easy it is to hold down with the leg.

The second product is the RigOne – a very versatile and extending rig which you can hold or use with a clip that attach to your belt as well as connect to other attachments including a cage and more.

RigOne demo

Next we have something really bizarre – Povie. This strange unit is a (dorky?) way of holding a smartphone to your neck to take videos with no hands. We are not sure if it can only shot with the front facing camera (it uses magnets to hold the smartphone (up to around 240 grams) and the first time we saw this we looked at the date to see it isn’t an April fools day… this is by the way the only unit that you can currently buy for just under $30.

Povie – no hands smartphone shooting…

On to more (logical?) innovative stuff and next we have the FocusONE  – this looks like a nicely made follow focus unit although from the short video we didn’t see anything that we didn’t see before on a follow focus.

FocusONE – a new follow focus unit

We saved the best for last, Edelkrone also introduced the JibPLUS – from the video (which is still just a 3D rendering so it might be a while before the actual product arrives) it looks like a wireless remote head and controller for a jib (supporting all jibs according to the video). It uses what seems to be lasers to track a target although the jib itself is probably still human controlled. We need to see the real unit in action but this can be very interesting indeed (especially if the pricing is right).

JibPLUS – wireless jib head with laser?

Again – except for the Povie it seems that it will be a while before we will have prices and more details on these upcoming products but as always Edelkrone seems to be on the cutting edge of videography innovation and we can’t wait to test some of this ourselves later on this year.

You can check out more of our coverage of Edelkrone’s products as well as more new HDSLR related products on our HDSLR gear section.

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