Edelkrone New Robotic Slider with Responsive Target Tracking

Turkish manufacturer Edelkrone recently introduced Motion Control Kit for their SliderPlus slider. This isn’t the first time we are seeing a slider unit which can keep track of the object in the frame through its movement (Redrock Micro has one), but it is an interesting addition for people who already own or have been planing on buying the  SliderPlus slider.

SliderPLUS Target Tracking Module


Unlike the Redrock Micro One Man Crew Motorized Parabolic Slider which we covered here recently, that uses lasers to measure the distance of the object from the slider, Edelkrone relies on the user’s distance measurement (its inexpensive and simple but a laser option would have been cooler – no doubt).

In the video demo below you can see the Motion Control Kit in action. The interesting thing here is that the robotic slider isn’t working in this video an the motion control is done while the camera is moved on the slider by hand. On the video above both the robotic slider is moving and the Motion Control system is working (which seems like a much more logical way of using the system).

Demo video of the Edelkrone SliderPLUS Target Tracking Module



The Motion Control runs for about $800 while the robotic part of the slider cost $500. The slider itself cost $400 and there are bundles with should get your price down (currently the pricing is not exactly clear on the edelkrone site).

Sample video showing the Edelkrone SliderPLUS Target Tracking Module in action



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