EROVR – A Transformable Cart for All Your Gear

If you often have to carry lots of gear from your car to the location where you are shooting (either for a wedding shoot, fashion shoot or anything else) you would probably appreciate a good cart that can speed things up and make sure your back will not hurt at the end of the day. A new indiegogo project called EROVR might be just the answer you have been looking for.

The EROVR is a pretty unique transformable dolly, wagon, & cart all designed into a single small unit that can change according to your need and stored away easily when you don’t need it. It can also travel on sand with its large wheels and even be carried with your bike (if you are a biker/photographer who has lots of equipment).

The EROVR – dolly, wagon, & cart in 1


Although not designed specifically for carrying photography or videography gear, the EROVR seems to us like something that a lot of pro shooters will be happy to have with them when they have to carry all those heavy lighting equipment and other gear to a location which isn’t  approachable using a vehicle.

EROVR – 10 different use modes in one unit

Here are some of the specs of the EROVR:

  • Storage position (closed): 23″ (58cm) Wide x 21″ (53cm) Tall x 7″ (17cm) Thick
  • Flat cart position (Fully open): 18″ (45cm) Wide x 36″ (91cm) Long with 34″ (84cm) foldable sides
  • Frame: 18″ (45cm) wide Aluminum chassis with a center hinge.
  • Wheels: Rear Wheels:  7″ (17cm) x 2″ (5cm) Premium Wheel has a lightweight, reinforced nylon core with a high strength non-marking elastomeric rubber tread.
  • Front Wheels:  5″ x 3/4″ (13cm) Double cater wheels.
  • Weight: 25 lbs / 11 kg.
  • Load capacity: 250 lbs / 113kg.
  • Price: $195 on indiegogo (plus shipping).

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