Our Favorite Photography Picks of 2017

2017 has almost ended and we just wanted the share with you our favorite photo and video products and accessories from the LensVid video channel. In 2017 we posted close to 50 videos and reviews on YouTube and this will be a quick attempt to look at some of the stuff we covered and our top picks for the year.

Although this list is not necessarily a summary of everything which is the best in the world in 2017 in each category, we still think that it’s fun to look back at some of these videos – so let’s start:

  • Our favorite camera of 2017 – Although the Nikon D7500 that we tested here just a few months ago is not the worst camera of 2017, we also can’t give it the title of best camera of the year which really have to go to one of two cameras that we are still waiting to test (yes we are looking at you Sony and Nikon), the A7RIII and the D850. And instead of having to choose between the two and try to justify this choice, we just decided to nominate both of them – one as the best DSLR of the year and the second as the best mirrorless cameras of the year.
  • Our favorite lens of 2017 – We tested a lot of lenses in 2017. We looked at the very affordable Nikon 10-20mm wide-angle zoom lens, we played with the Sigma 100-400mm which was very impressive, but our pick for our favorite lens of 2017 was actually a different Sigma lens – the truly fantastic 16mm f/1.4 DN.

Our favorite lens of 2017 – the Signa 16mm f/1.4 DN

The Manfrotto 028B studio tripod with a crank – a fantastic tripod

The Sekonic C700 – a powerful measuring tool

The Vanguard Alta Rise 45 – a superb all-around mid-size affordable camera backpack

Our favorite light of 2017 – the Ledgo LG-D600

  • Our favorite light stand of 2017 – that is quite a bizarre category to nominate but since we tested several different stands including the heavy-duty Matthews Hollywood Pro C-Stand 40″, the super heavy duty Matthews Low Boy Double Riser and finally our pick of the year the tiny, highly affordable and super useful Manfrotto 003 Mini Light Stand (yeah we know, lots of Manfrotto products on the list this year but some of them are really that good).
  • Our favorite software of 2017 – This year we have had a chance to review a fantastic new software – the Aurora HDR 2018 by Macphun. This new version of this HDR software now runs on Windows as well as MACs and it does an excellent job and seems to keep evolving.

Aurora HDR 2018 – great software that keeps evolving

  • Our favorite tip/hack of 2017 – we always love to help when we can and this year was no exception. We published a tip that quickly became popular on YouTube with close to 20,000 views and counting, that will help you revive seemingly dead rechargeable batteries using a BBQ clamp.

Just like last year, we have a ton of upcoming reviews with more than 20 products sitting on our desk and quite a few others planned for later in 2018 so it is going to be a very interesting.

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