First Look Digital Sputnik Voyager Multi Color LED Tubes

Matt Workman from cinematography database published this (exceedingly long, yet interesting) first look at an almost ready to ship Digital Sputnik Voyager multi-color LED tubes which should hit the market sometime early next year.

These lights have raised almost $800k Indiegogo not too long ago and if that is not enough they have been used on both Star Wars & Ghost in the Shell so that should tell you something.

Digital Sputnik Voyager Multi Color LEDs comes in two sizes 2 foot (~60cm) and 4 foot (~120cm). What is especially nice about these lights is their ability to change colors using a very innovative mobile interface which allows you to create different and even quite complex modes (you can have 3 different colors on one light for example). The Voyager is also waterproof up to 2m (6 feet) so you can use it underwater (although in a somewhat limited capacity) and it does have a built-in battery which at this point we are not 100% how long it would last and if you have the option to replace it on the go during a shoot.

Digital Sputnik Voyager Multi Color LED specs

The way we see this – these lights can be used in many creative ways (yeah, we know, lightsabers are cool and all but there are many more uses for these lights) and for us, the real obvious solution is as a portable light for cool-colored backgrounds.

What we would love to see in the app (and we are not sure if this will be possible or not) is the ability to save specific setups. We also thought that it can be cool if there was a simple remote (similar to the small one Aputure has for its own lights) that has a number of users preset – this way you don’t have to connect to your smartphone each time – all you need to do is set a few presets once and then use the remote to get to them with a quick press of a button.

In the video, Workman uses what is still alpha software without autodetect feature. The final software will run on iOS, Android, Windows, and OSX. The effects can be created (in python), and shared amongst users which is certainly cool.

We hope to be able to bring you our own look at these innovative lights in 2018, meanwhile you can find more info, pricing etc. on the Digital Sputnik website.

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