First Look: Infinity Arm – Super Strong Rotatable Interchangeable Arm

Los Angeles based company 27Notch published a new an interesting photography/videography kickstarter project yesterday called Infinity Arm. This new support cine arm with interchangeable mounts is meant to be one of the strongest in the industry.

The arm was created after a personal experience with a different arm of one of the project developers who had to tape the arm during a shoot after it broke down. 27 Notch, which created the Infinity Arm knows a little something about pro video equipment as they are running their own boutique camera rental house in Hollywood and work with pro photographers and videographers all the time.

The Infinity Arm is made to be a versatile support for cameras, lights, monitors and anything else you can think of and has a very robust design capable of carrying any pro camera, light, accessory and photo combo. Its made out of high grade aluminum and steel for strength and lightweight and is CNC machined and anodized for durable long life operation.

The Infinity Arm and a few of its uses


The nice touch is the ability to switch heads. The arm has different mounting options which include 1/4″-20 male, cold shoe and GoPro mount (although you will need to purchase them as well – depending on the kit you choose). There will be future options which will include custom clamp, 3/8″, baby pin, female 1/4″-20 and 3/8″ and more. The length of the arm without the tips is 8 1/2″ (around 21.5 cm).

The Infinity Arm itself is fully articulated arm equipped with 360° rotatable and interchangeable ends that are attached with a quick release to add and remove accessories. The price of the unit on Kickstarer is just under $180 for the basic version and the delivery is estimated at February 2015.

Another quick look at the Infinity Arm in action


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