Fun DIY – ClickSnap ProPole – Painters Pole Adapter

Sometimes you run into a product that simply makes sense. The ClickSnap ProPole is exactly this sort of product. Here on LensVid we are currently working on  long term DIY project (video coming later this year) and part of this project involved the use of a Painters Pole. Our problem was that we didn’t have any way of connecting photography/videography equipment to the pole’s tip. Here comes ClickSnap’s simple and easy to use solution – the ProPole – Painter’s Pole Adapter.

This small inexpensive unit is made out of machined aluminum with a black anodized finish and laser engraving, it fits on the tip of most common painter’s poles and screw-in broom handles and allows you to connect a whole range of things to a long pole including cameras (mostly small ones but even mirrorless cameras might work), microphones (a replacement boom pole), small lights and flashes and more (there is even a small accessory for mounting GoPro cameras which you can buy from Clicksnap).

The ClickSnap ProPole


The ProPole cost just under $20 on the Clicksnap website and we are hoping to add it to our upcoming DIY project very soon.

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Iddo Genuth
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