Hands on with the New Fujifilm X-A1

Earlier today Fujifilm announced a new low budget mirrorless camera called X-A1. This new version is basically identical to the X-M1 which we covered here on LensVid just a few weeks ago with one main exception (besides the different textured body and option for blue color) and that’s a different (simpler) APS-C sensor (Fuji was not really clear on that but it might be a 16.3mpĀ  Sony ASP-C CMOS sensor). The only other difference is the price – about $200 less than the X-M1 with the kit 16-50mm lens or around $600 (pre order on B&H).

Above you can see a hands on video with the new X-A1 done by the good folks at whatdigitalcamera (what’s up with this name guys – seriously?). Below is a short video from Fuji on the camera.