How Does Manfrotto Manufacture Tripods and Heads

Have you wondered how does tripods and tripod heads are manufactured? This Manfrotto video released earlier this year shows a small glimpse of the manufacturing process.

Like any other product, the first step in its creation is design and today everything is done on a computer with several stages of testing made on prototypes. Once the design is finalized the process of creating the molds from which the final product will be made. This is a manual process using precise technology. Next the actual manufacturing starts with casting the metal parts and cutting other ones to the right shape (this is done by robots). Painting is also an automatic process done by a machine afterwhich quality checks are being made by hand (and machine) on sample products.

The tripod legs are made from long tubes that are cut and cleaned automatically by machines. Glowing some of the tubes is also done by a machine, however the actual assembly of the tripod is done by hand.  Boxing is partly robotic and partly done by hand and so is the entire process of creating the tripod head although most of it is manual.

There you have it – the entire process of creating a tripod and a tripod head from the design stage done in Cassola to final assembly and manufacturing in Feltre both in northern Italy.

You can find many more video showing the manufacturing process of photography equipment from Nikon, Sigma, Leica, Zeiss, Broncolor and more on or dedicated “how do they make it” section here on LensVid.

Iddo Genuth
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