Hoya EVO Antistatic Filter Series Will Help Your Lens Repel Dust

Japanese manufacturer Hoya announced a new line of antistatic filters that can repel dust as well as as many other factors in three different types – clear protectors, UV filters, and circular polarizers.

We see more and more advanced filters all the time. The most recent line of  Hoya EVO filters seem to include almost all known protective layers we are aware of including, liquids, stains, fingerprints, scratches and now dust as well using a new antistatic coating – one of 16 different layers.

On the left Hoya EVO antistatic – on the right a regular filter



Here are some of the properties of the new Hoya EVO line of filters:

  • 16 Layer filer – Super Multi-coating.
  • New Antistatic coating repels dust.
  • 99.8% Light Transmission.
  • Scratch resistant – Hardened coating protects against everyday wear.
  • Stain resistant – Protects against exposure to ink, markers etc.
  • Water repellent – Water beads up and wipes away easily.
  • Fingerprints and smudges wipe away cleanly.
  • Low-profile filter frame with front filter threads.

The Protector and UV filters will range from $45-110 and the circular Polarizers will range from $85-180 ranging in size from 37mm to 82mm (specific models can be found on Amazon).

The new Hoya EVO antistatic – effective against all types of “problems”


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