Indoor/Outdoor Beauty Dish Tips with the 24″ Rapid Box Beauty Dish

On this  video, photographer Joel Grimes demonstrates the newly announced rapid box beauty dish by Westcott both indoors and outdoors and gives some interesting tips as to what you can do with a beauty dish and how he uses it.

The 24″ Rapid Box Beauty Dish that Grimes demonstrates in this video (and the one below) was actually designed by him for Westcott to be a sort of travel­-friendly softbox for beauty, fashion, and commercial photography uses.

The 24″ Rapid Box Beauty Dish has a custom-­designed white interior and 16 heavy-­duty ribs, and is designed to be paired with a strobe or continuous monolight (Westcott has a different version which was designed to be used with a Speedlite). It has a built-­in speedring available for Balcar, Bowens, Elinchrom, Photogenic, and Profoto lights as well as a full­-stop diffusion panel and removable flat deflector plate.

Bonus video: Outdoor Portrait Lighting with the Joel Grimes Beauty Dish


As for pricing – this will start at just under $300 (depending on the specific version).

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