Kwik Camo Photography Blind Will Make You Disappear

If you are shooting birds or wildlife outdoor and you need some sort of camouflage to make yourself invisible  to the animals you are trying to shoot.

The  Kwik Camo Photography Blind isn’t a new product by any means (its been around for a few years) but it is definitely an interesting option if you need a good camouflage that will cover you and your camera. Its not small (you can actually site down on a chair with your long telephoto lens or stand up and still be completely covered) but it folds into a case not much bigger than a laptop case – so you got quite a bit of portability. The most important feature for most users will probably be the small “window” which let you see in a wide angle just above the camera – something which you definitely want from a good camera photography blind.

The Kwik Camo Photography Blind sells for just under $100 and you can get one over at Amazon.

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