LED Light Cube – the Next Lighting Revolution

Australian company IC12 developed a revolutionary new light source for both stills and video work with some remarkable features which currently do not exist in any comparable product.

The LED Light Cube is a small standalone unit with built in batteries which has some remarkable capabilities including:

  • LED Light source with continuous high speed flashing at full power.
  • High capacity – over 1000 flashes from a single battery charged to full power (1 hour charge and replaceable batteries).
  • 300 watts (f22 @ 1 metre / 100 ISO) – IC12 will publish more output info later on.
  • Stackable unit for building versatile light banks.
  • Adjustable flash speed – 1/8000 secs to 30 secs (able to shoot ultra fast movement and do light painting as well).
  • Zero recycle time – ability to shoot up to 15 frames per second.
  • 5500k color temperature (stable color temperature, even while power levels are adjusted).
  • Dimmable video light (8 levels)
  • Noiseless (No internal fan. No added noise on film production).
  • Master control – one unit controls those interlocked (master/slave).
  • Modelling light feature for stills.
  • Fully portable with internal battery
  • Trigger remotely via synch cable, wireless trigger or as a light sensitive slave.
  • Size: 100mm (approx. 4 inches) x 100mm x 100mm.
  • Weight: 0.750kg (approx. 1.65 lbs).

The LED Light Cube is currently an early project looking for founding on the indiegogo croudfunding network (similar to kickstarter) the first 50 units will cost $350 and the rest will start at $480. More info can be found on the indiegogo project page.

The LED Light Cube


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