Making a Wall Tripod Holder

This is somewhat of an unplanned video. We recently realized that we have way too many tripods due to our tripod and heads review series which we shall be getting back to soon enough. So we decided to solve the problem by building a wall mount that can hold up to 5 tripods at a time (you can easily make it hold more if you have enough wall real-estate).

We started by cutting 3 pieces of wood we are going to use vertically as the basis for our tripod holder to the correct size. Next, we cut the main horizontal plate that we are going to use to hold the tripods themselves – don’t use a weak wood otherwise, it might break under the load.

After we got the woods size right, we needed to plan a way to secure the tripods so they won’t fall accidentally from the holder. After some testing, we decided to go with a 90-degree angle leading to a round hole. To do this we started by cutting a 1″ hole with a spade (it was actually a bit too small (a 1 and a 1/4″ would probably be better). We spaced 5 of them at a distance of around 6-7 inches apart (or 15-17 cm).

Next, we used our jigsaw to cut the 90-degree angle part. We cut about 1 inch to the left for each of the five-round holes. In hindsight we should probably have made a 1.5 or even 2 inch left turn – this way there would be even less of a chance for the tripod to accidentally fall from the stand.

After we finished with all the cutting we needed to test the result and see that a tripod can actually fit inside. We discovered that most of our tripods fit nicely when you use the narrow part of the center column (if you want to fit the part which you twist to open the center column you will need a larger hole and a larger opening). One of the thicker tripods did require a bit of extra cutting and sending – if you build your own we highly recommend that you do some testing and measuring of your tripod before cutting the final piece.

Now that everything was ready we painted the parts and went to assemble the whole rig.

We were planning on hanging this tripod holder in a small storage room with heavy concrete walls which meant that we needed a heavy-duty drill to secure our 3 vertical pieces of wood into the wall a job that took a few minutes.

Next, we needed to connect the main horizontal piece and make sure that it is leveled. We used metal brackets to make sure that it is firmly secured – after all holding 5 tripods with heads can be quite heavy.

We then added a second horizontal bar on the bottom just to make sure that the legs of the tripods will not hit the wall accidentally.

Now it was finally time to see how it all works together!

At the end of the day and for a few hours of work and almost no money we think it turned out very well. If you have a few tripods you can easily make your own wall mount tripod holder and make sure that they will be always organized.

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