Nikon D810 vs. the Canon 5D MKIII is there a Clear Winner?

On this extensive video review photographer Tony Northrup takes a look at two of the most up to date pro level cameras from both Nikon and Canon – the D810 and the (somewhat older) EOS 5D MKIII. Which is better and where do they differ – read on.

The Nikon D810 was introduced several weeks ago and we already covered it quite extensively. On this video comparison Tony and Chelsea Northrup take a look at both the D810 and the 5D MKIII from Canon – both are targeted at more or less the same audience of pro shooters and despite being pretty similar in many respects, it seems that the two feel that the D810 does have quite a few real world advantages in IQ, focus and at least some functionality (which is saying a lot coming from two long time Canon shooters).

As we have noted this is quite a long video review so if you are interested in a particular topic check out this index:

0:00 Introduction
2:40 Handheld Landscapes
4:30 Tripod Landscapes
6:00 Portraits
6:48 Face Metering
10:40 Sports/Action
12:07 Studio/Commercial
14:46 Night Photography
16:31 Summary

As for pricing – the newer D810 does cost a bit more right now at $3300 on Amazon vs. the Canon EOS 5D Mark III which you can find from time to time for under $3000.

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