Panlight – a Robotic Head for Your Flash

If you are in the habit of using off camera flashes frequently, a recent Kickstarter campaign might be just what you need – a robotic head which can allow you to remotely control the angle and direction of your flash from a distance using a small remote.

Panlight – the brainchild of British wedding photographer Mike Garrard is a small unit which can be attached to a tripod or a light stand and connect to almost and speedlight or camera up to 2.2lb/1kg (most modern Wi-Fi controlled mirrorless cameras will work with a small lens as well as entry level DSLRs such as the Nikon D5300).

Panlight  can be controlled using a small remote from up to 100ft away, turn 360 degrees left and right, and nearly 180 degrees up and down – giving you a very high level of control of the direction of light or the angle of your camera.

Inexpensive robotic head for your flash – Panlight


Panlight can be used to control a light or camera in places where you can’t normally reach (high up for example) or help a pro photographer control several lights quickly without going to where they are physically (the remote can control up to 4 Panlights using different channels).

A speedlight or light camera – the Panlight can control them


The Panlight works with almost any flash/trigger and already raised enough money on Kickstarter to be funded with more than 3 weeks to go. The unit cost just under $150 and you can grab one on the Panlight Kickstarter page.

Update: We just received confirmation from Panlight that the unit can work with GoPro as well (we got a few questions on this), making the Panlight even more practical.

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