Photokina 2018 – Your Questions (to Canon/Nikon/Sony etc.)

As we do every other year (and soon possibly every year), we will be attending Photokina – the largest photography expo in the world taking place in Cologne Germany in late September.

In the past, we have done dozens of interviews with leading members of most of the major manufacturers. This year Photokina is going to be especially interesting with major product releases by most of the leading players and so we open the floor to you.

For Photokina 2018 we have set interviews with Canon, Nikon, Sony, Sigma and Leica (a few others are still in the works) and have started to prepare our own questions. However, we know that you as our audience might have your own special topics of interest.

So we are giving you the option to suggest your own questions for our upcoming interviews – you can ask anything – just keep in mind that manufacturers have limited time and most manufacturers will not answer questions about unannounced products.

You have until the 24’th of September to come up with your questions and post them on the comments below (or on the video on YouTube, or on the LensVid FaceBook page) and we will do our best to pick the ones  that we feel are most likely to get a meaningful answer and add them to our lists.

See you in Photokina!

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