Pictar Smart-Light Motorized Selfie Stick Pushing the envelope on Selfie Sticks

Selfie sticks are a dime a dozen (literally) but sometimes some innovation can pull a product above the crowd and this is the case with Pictar’s new Smart-Light Motorized Selfie Stick currently raising money on Kickstarter.

Although there are countries that restrict or even prohibit the use of selfie sticks (like South Korea) they are still pretty common in many countries with tourists and other users.

Miggo, the company behind Pictar brand and the new selfie stick made a number of innovative products in the past, some of them we covered and even reviewed here on LensVid (see here). Their newest creation is not aimed at professional photographers necessarily but it is still interesting enough that we thought that it is worth mentioning here.

Here are some of the features of the Pictar smart-light motorized selfie stick:

  • Detachable headlight – 3 power levels / Variable angle / Magnetic mount.
  • Control Panel – Full control over the phone – without touching the screen.
  • Phone angle control – Motorized adjustability, via the control panel.
  • Pictar App –  including 20 pre-set image enhancement modes.
  • Ultrasonic wireless connection – for instant pairing and phone battery conservation.
  • Built-in Rechargeable battery – Over 800 selfies with each charge.
  • Full-extension – Up to 32.7 inches / 83 cm.
  • Fits iPhone as well as most leading Android brands.

Being able to zoom, tilt and light yourself from the control panel of the stick is actually pretty useful (we have been using the selfie stick of our Osmo Pocket which has control but no motorized adjustment and we can see how this could be useful). We are not sure how smooth the motor is when changing angles though if you are shooting videos.

As for pricing, at the moment the Pictar Smart-Light Motorized Selfie Stick is offered on Kickstarter starting at $75 for the basic kit.

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