Revl Arc – The First Stabilized 4K Action Camera

The action camera market just got another interesting new competitor that brings stabilized 4K video capabilities to the table plus a number of other interesting smart features and is now on offer on indiegogo.

Maybe the most unique feature of the Revl Arc besides the basic 4K video stabilization (which is something we are probably going to see in many other models this year) is the motorized stabilizer in the back of the unit. Although this is only a horizontal stabilizer (there is a digital stabilizer but that is besides the point) it can be an interesting addition and something that not other action camera that we know of includes. It also has several sensors such as acceleration, rotation, speed, G-force and it can connect to external sensors like heart rate monitors and GPS.

The Revl Arc – double stabilizers

revl-indiegogo-Corey_FINAL2-01_vbog2lHere are some of the main specs of the Revl Arc:

  • 12MP sensor (stills) and 4K stabilized video.
  • 4K@ 30 fps, 1080p@ 120 fps and 720p@ 240 fps.
  • Assisted editing feature.
  • High quality stereo mic with automatic gain fcontrol (AGC)
  • Wi-Fi + BT connectivity with an app.
  • Captures live data – acceleration, rotation, speed, G-force (more with external sensors).
  • Waterproof (up to 10 feet / 3 meters)
  • Price: starting at $400 on indiegogo.

This isn’t the first time that we look at stabilized 4K video on action cameras – although not part of a camera – the Aeon was another indiegogo project which involved  advanced GoPro stabilizer with an LCD Screen & a joystick which you can check out here.

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 VIA: nofilmschool.
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