Snapper Cap – SD/CF Storing Lens Cap

Snapper Cap is a kickstarter project with a simple aim to  bring a camera lens cap with a built in tiny storage space which can hold an SD or CF cards or even a tiny micro fiber cloth.

The rational behind the project developed by photographer James Sale is simple – a lens cap is something you take with your camera everywhere (and if you don’t – you should) so it can be used for more than just protecting your lens – it can actually carry stuff, and in particular, it can carry a spare memory card – either an SD one or CF (for any lens with a filter thread of 67mm or larger). If you don’t need another card you can always use the space to carry a tiny micro fiber cloth (although after you open the package you will probably need to be an origami expert to squeeze it back inside).

The project still has more than a month to reach its goal of $38.5k and if you are interested you can head over and back it up for about $15.