SOLOSHOT2 – the Next Gen Robot Cameraman

About two years ago  Chris Boyle, Scott Taylor and designer Alex Sammons came up with a robotic camera head known as SOLOSHOT which yo can mount on a tripod and using a using a wireless transmitter can track almost any object moving and capture it on video. Fast forward to the present and a second generation unit known as SOLOSHOT2.


The second iteration of the robotic head has some advantages over the first gen device.  Some of the main features of the SOLOSHOT2 are:

  • Vertical Tracking +/- 60 degrees at up to 30 degrees per second.
  • Range from 15-2,000 feet.
  • Accessory dock for hardware expansion.
  • Stronger motors for faster horizontal panning with DSLRs up to 5 pounds.
  • Up to 80 degrees per second and full 360-degree turn.
  • Accessories for automatic zooming and start/pause recording.
  • A smaller, lighter transmitter.
  • Usable with third-party tripods

Here is a short BMX rider video shot with the help of the SOLOSHOT2 



You can pre-order the SOLOSHOT2 on B&H for just under $400.

Some extra information on the SOLOSHOT2 


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