Sony RX100 V vs.Panasonic LX10/LX15 head to Head

Our friend and colleague Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake from the Camera Store just posted this head to head video in the freezing Canadian winter looking at two advanced compact cameras – the Sony RX100 V and the Panasonic LX10 (or LX15 in other regions).

We first encountered the LX10/LX15 during Photokina 2016 last year – you can see our video on it from the show here. Both cameras use a 1″ sensor, they are both small but there are many differences between them – the Sony has a viewfinder and much better video quality (and focusing) while it seems that for the most part the focusing in stills is better on the Panasonic which also has a touch screen.

The LX10 is faster on the wide side (f/1.4 compared to f/1.8 for the Sony) both have similar focal range, the Sony also has a more versatile veri angle display (although sadly with no touch capability as we mentioned).

As for pricing, the Sony sells for just under $1000 while the Panasonic is significantly cheaper at around $610.

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