Sony to Launch a Lens with Built in imaging Sensor?

According to information received by the sonyalpharumors website,  Sony will announce a completely new type of  camera soon – one which actually has no dials or bottoms of any kind just a lens with a wireless connection and a magnetic back plate.

This concept isn’t new – in the video above created by a company known as Artefact you can see WVIL – a very similar device which supposedly demonstrates the same idea (although the video doesn’t show a real product). According to sonyalpharumors, Sony is planing to use both the lens and sensor of the RX100 – high end compact camera – as the basis for the new camera.

What is the purpose of all that? well, according to what we can understand from the leaked image below, Sony is planing to have this lens/camera as an accessory for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). You will be able to have your thin, light mobile device  with you at all times just like you do today and when you really need to take high quality images you will be able to physically connect the new lens/camera unit via a special adapter or even a smart case (we can imagine a version with built in camera bottoms and dials) which will be connected to the camera without any wires using WIFI (and NFC) wireless connection.

The supposedly leaked image of the new Sony device


Depending on the price of the new unit we can actually think about more uses – for example a multi “camera” setup for shooting a scene from different angles controlled by a single app on your mobile device.

So what is your take on all of this? is this just another gimmick or is Sony really on to something here?

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